Domiciliary Care Assistant


To share with other staff in meeting the personal care needs of clients in a way that respects the dignity of the individual and promotes independence, never forget the clients rights, and that their affairs and personal needs are strictly private, also to assist in giving as fulfilling and as high a quality of life as possible and to follow the guidelines laid out in the clients care plan.

To conduct yourself in a professional and responsible manner, with the highest regard for the integrity and the confidentiality of Spring Cottages Home Care Agency.


  1. Assist clients who require help with all aspects of personal care.
  2. Help clients with mobility problems and other physical disabilities, including incontinence; assist in the use of personal equipment.
  3. Care for clients temporarily sick and needing for example, bed nursing. Inform GP and Spring Cottages Management if you suspect a client may have an infectious disease. Should staff have any contact with an infectious disease, at work or at home, it must be reported to Spring Cottages Management and recorded in the incident book.
  4. Make and change beds, empty commodes, tidy rooms and do light cleaning; i.e. vacuum, polish, laundry tasks.
  5. Make judgement and request assistance if a client needs emergency help. Always report to office/on-call
  6. Assist with meal preparation; assist clients who require help with feeding; clean all work areas before leaving your client.
  7. Communicate with visitors politely and professionally.
  8. Read and write incident or accident reports in the respective books, take part in staff and client meetings and in training activities as directed. Record on care plans any decision by a client that may involve risk to themselves and report to the office.
  9. To ensure that medication is administered in line with the Agencies policy.
  10. To oversee and organise the daily recording of information relating to service users.
  11. To ensure that the agreed care plans for each service user are followed up in conjunction with the Management and staff team.
  12. Staff should they be expected to shop for clients or collect pensions as part of their duties must keep a receipt book to record all transactions, receipts for shopping must be obtained.
  13. Staff are not expected to accept gifts from clients, participate in a clients will, or witness legal documents.
  14. Staff must not under any circumstances lift a client on their own but must seek assistance.
  15. To observe and abide by the GSCC ‘Code of Practice’ and ensure that this is being followed.
  16. Telephone monitoring
  17. Always report if unable to gain access to a clients home.
  18. Report changes to client care plans; always complete daily records and sign.

This is a non-exhaustive list of duties and this job description may change in line with service requirements as requested by the Manager.

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